dbVar is KOK体育官方网站's database of human genomic Structural Variation 鈥 large variants >50 bp including insertions, deletions, duplications, inversions, mobile elements, translocations, and complex variants

Announcing the dbVar Public Track Hub! dbVar has released a track hub containing curated datasets of Clinical SV and Common SV. You can view data summaries at the preceding links, and browse the new tracks using KOK体育官方网站's Variation Viewer or by connecting to the Public dbVar Hub at the .

Our Clinical SV Walkthrough Page shows you how to visualize and explore known clinical structural variants, and more generally how to navigate our resource.

dbVar's on GitHub allow you to compare your SV with known insertions, deletions, and duplications. Includes tutorials.

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dbVar Webinar (Part 1 of 2)

dbVar Webinar (Part 2 of 2)

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